Universal Labeling Systems, Inc., manufactures a complete line of label appliers that are industry standards.  Automatics, Semiautomatics, Conveyor systems, Print and Apply systems, Top and Bottom labelers, Corner Wraps, etc. Some of these models are shown below.  If your not sure which model is right for your job, give Package Busters a call...we can help. 1-800-OK-6PACK.


The SL-1000 is an automatic stepper drive label applicator designed for medium speed and consistent accuracy. Some features include:
1) Maintenance Free Stepper Drive
2) Constructed of hard coat anodized aluminum & stainless steel
3) Label capacity: 6" wide
4) 12" long peeler arm assembly
5) Photoelectric label sensing
6) Label "start" delay
7) Label "stop" delay
8) 12" diameter label supply, 3" LD core

Dimensions: 20 1/2" x 26D x 30" H
Speed: from 200 to 1200 inches per minute
Available: right or left handed
Options: Hot-Stamp or Ink Imprinters; Adjustable Steel Stand

Hot-Stamp Imprinter

The Model C-205 Hot Stamp Imprinter provides unique, low cost versatility for imprinting date codes, lot numbers, prices and other variable information directly on your label. Some features include:
1) Mounts on most UNIVERSAL appliers
2) High speed production capability up to 100 labels/minute
3) Imprints vertically and horizontally
4) Easily adjusts imprint positioner for info where you want it
5) Optional micrometer screw adjustment


Long, film labels on glass bottles and jars can be a problem. This "spin in place" label wrap station can solve that problem.  This custom round product labeler applies the labels with no bubbles or wrinkles


Tamper evident cap labeler.  Bottles are stopped momentarily and the label is tamp applied to the cap, then wiped down onto the shoulders of the bottle.  Label application is done in one step


Multipack labeler. Twin packs of consumer products are held together by a pressure sensitive label.


Automatic, turnkey unit applies labels to the top and bottom of a wide variety of packages.  Meat trays and bakery clamshells are easily transported and labeled on the system's split belt, adjustable width, conveyor.