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    Commonly Used Parts



2x 110 yard Tape (36 rolls/case)

  PN503 x 18 yards Teflon Tape (6 mil)



2 x 1000 yard Clear Tape (6 rolls/case)

  PN506 2 x 18 yards Teflon Tape (3 mil)



2x 110 yard Freezer Tape (36 rolls /case)

  PN511 Teflon Cloth (per square yard)


2 x 1000 yard Freezer Tape (6 rolls /case)


Spool Nichrome Sealing Wire (.036)

T2156 2x 1500 yard Tape (6 rolls/case)   PN040 Spool Nichrome Sealing Wire (.040)

Other Tape Product:

  PN121 2 Knife Blades for Loveshaw Taper
  Strapping     Shrink Wrap  (Specify Width )

x 22,000 ft Strap Yellow 9 x 8 (6 mm)

  45 gauge Cryovac

3/8 x 12,900 ft Strap White 9 x 8 (.022)

  60 gauge Cryovac

x 9,900 ft Strap White 9 x 8 (.022)

  75 gauge Cryovac
Other Strapping Product:   100 gauge Cryovac
  Stretch Wrap     Ink
S1880 18 80 gauge Sigma Hand Stretch Wrap 1500 ft per roll (4 rolls/case)   LINKU Ink for Loveshaw Microjets (universal for old and new style printers)


20 80 gauge Sigma Machine Stretch Wrap (6000 ft/roll)

  ZABK1 Black Ink for Zanasi Ink Jet Machines
Other Stretch Wrap:   ZAYIN Yellow Ink for Zanasi Ink Jet Machines


OTHER (Sealing pads, belts, curtains, wire, motors, etc.)



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