Dynaric, Inc. introduces the new D-2100A and D-2300A strapping machine. These machines are fully-automatic, operatorless strapping machines that rely on their tabletop photo cells for cycle initiation. With throughputs of 50 straps per  minute, easy maintenance, outstanding reliability, low energy requirements, and faster warm up time; these fully-automatic machines are sure to greatly reduce operational  cost. 

The D-2100A and D-2300A are equipped with innovative features, such as loop kick-out that prevents strap jams and  new mechanism which allows the machine to automatically discharge any leftover strap in the event of a misfeed or  when the coil of strapping is finished. These innovative features are also available on the D-2100 and D-2300 automatic models, which rely on foot-bar or palm switch for cycle initiation.  These features are not available on competitive strappers.

The D-2100A and D-2300 are equipped with table top photo-cells for cycle initiation, internal strap dispensers; a stainless steel  tension roller and an automatic simple to use strap feed system.  The new machine is also equipped with a  an open cabinet section which allows visibility of internal coil  of strap. The slide table is 40mm W x 5mm H, allowing minimum size packages of 3.5 W x 1.5 H to be strapped. Operating at 120 volts, single-phase power, and using only 500 watts, provide energy and money saving advantages. At 1.2 seconds per cycle, it is the fastest general-purpose strapping machines available today. The D-2100A can be set to run with 5mm, 6mm or strapping and the D-2300A can be set to run The D-2300A can be set to run with 9mm, 12mm, 1/2, or 5/8 strapping.