Below are two (2) separate models that Package Busters offers by Dynaric.  The D-2100 is a fully automatic strapping machine while the D-2300 and the DF-20 are both Semiautomatic machines.  Check out some specs for the individual machines below.

Other machines available are: D2100A / D2300A and the DF-11.

D-2100 / D-2300
Some features of the D-2100/D-2300

  Internal strap dispenser minimizes required floor space.
  Cycle time capable of a throughput of 50 straps per minute
  Loop kick out feature eliminates strap jams
  Faster warm up time reduces production delays
  External adjustment of strap tension by the simple turn of a dial

DF-20 Semi Automatic

The DF-20 is an economical easy to use strapping machine. Equipped w/ externally adjustable strap feed and electronic tension control, the DF-20 is the perfect strapper for securing and unitizing outgoing shipments. An audible cycle alert safety signal, "ACASS", is given when the strap has been inserted into the sealing mechanism prior to tensioning. The signal offers added safety for the operator.