COBRA Stretch Wrapping Machines


Semiautomatic Stretch Wrapper

Compact design uses little floor space
Overhead spiral wrapping for unstable loads
B uilt rugged for industrial environments
Reliable UL listed microprocessor controller
Accu-stretch prestretch for film economy

Whatever your load type, whatever your mounting configuration, you can count on the Cobra III semiautomatic stretch wrapping machine to get the job done.  The Cobra III was design specifically for that canīt be moved or rotated during wrapping because of their stability or shape.  The Cobra is perfect for loads that are light, fragile, extra heavy or unstable


Automatic Stretch Wrapper

The Cobra XL was created to give you an automatic stretching machine that offers good "price, performance and the ability to upgrade". The XL incorporates many of the performance features of our other Cobra models plus a modular design which makes it easy to expand the system as your needs change. The real beauty of the XL is it's price.  Call Package Busters today for an affordable price.  1-800-OK-6PACK.

The Cobra XL features overhead spiral wrapping for maximum load stability and it comes available in 4 models: powered or gravity conveyor, platform, & conveyor-ready