BELCO Shrink Tunnels 

Belco offers durable, heavy duty, fully-welded tubular steel frames that give you dependable performance and consistent results, even after years of hard use. These well insulated, smooth running tunnels will shrink all commercially available shrink films.  By tuning the airflow pattern around your product, Belco shrink tunnels can operate at low, more energy efficient temperatures, run at faster production rates and make less demands on your work environment. These are just a few of the products and benefits offered by Belco.  If you are interested in some of Belco's other products or are interested in more specific information for the products shown here, you know who to call.   1-800-656-7225

Model ST 188

BELCO Packaging Standard Options

Lighted Viewing Window (ST2108/ST3010)
Added Tunnel Height (ST188, ST2108, ST3010)
Tunnel Inferred / Exit Extensions
Tunnel Guide Rails
Sealer Tunnel Spacer Set
Tunnel Conveyor Cooling Fan
Tunnel Product Cooling Fan
240 Volt / 3 Phase - 440 Volt / 3 Phase


Model ST3010

Model ST1608

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